Custom Glass Manufacture in Tempus’ On-Site Workshop

Tempus has in-house workshops that do watch, clock or barometer repairs and restoration. This means that your watch, clock or barometer does not need to be sent away but can be repaired or restored in Exmouth. These repair and restoration services include:

Restoration of clocks and barometers

Vintage watch/time piece glass servicing & replacement

Modern & vintage watch re-waterproofing

Custom glass replacement for any clock or barometer

At Tempus we sell, repair, and restore watches, clocks, and barometers. A host of unusual and vintage time pieces or barometers have been worked on over many years in our workshops.

Whatever your needs for your modern or vintage watch, clock or barometer, from a replacement battery, a service to a vintage Rolex to work on a grandfather clock in your home, contact Tempus to discuss it. For larger inaccessible items local to Exmouth it is possible to arrange a home visit to assess and give an estimate of cost.

Tempus’ workshops manufacture bespoke glass replacement for clocks and barometers. This service is much sought after as it is a highly specialised skill and not available in many places across the UK.

Shaping glass to a convex mould

This image shows part of the glass manufacture process in Tempus’ workshop.

A copper template is made to the exact requirement of the bespoke glass. This is usually achieved by the client supplying the part of the time piece or barometer that holds the glass. This could be a bezel that holds the glass, or part of the frame or body of the clock or barometer.

When the copper mould has been completed the glass is heated until it forms the shape of the mould.

Bevelling the edge of the glass

The glass is then bevelled and ground until it fits the timepiece or barometer housing perfectly.


The bevelled edges of the replacement glass are then polished and finished, ready to be returned to the customer.

Diamond drilling the glass

If holes are required in the glass Tempus has facilities in-house to diamond drill the glass. This can be carried out as required for each individual piece.

Convex glass manufactured from a mould

Individually made to fit the bezel supplied. The item is then polished and finished ready to return to the customer fitted to the bezel supplied.

Convex glass made to fit a vintage clock

Individually made to fit the clock face with the hinged bezel supplied. The glass is then fitted to the clock face and bezel and returned to the customer.

Flat glass made to fit a barometer bezel

The glass is diamond drilled then polished and finished with the set-point hand fitted in place, ready to return to the customer.

The glass was manufactured using the original barometer’s bezel. This allowed Tempus to create glass that perfectly fits the barometer.

Glass for carriage clocks

The glass was manufactured in an oval shape, flat with a bevel edge. It was individually made to fit the top of a small carriage clock. The top of the clock was supplied along with the various pieces of its glass. This allowed Tempus a greater understanding of the original glass design.

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