Jewellery Repair Services

Tempus has been repairing customers jewellery on-site for over 25 years. Not many jewellery repair specialists can boast the range of repair options that Tempus has at its Exmouth retail shop and on-site repair workshops.


Replacing and Resetting Stones

Resizing, Extending or Shortening items, including watch straps

Gold Plating on Silver

White Gold Restoration

Cleaning and Polishing

Surface Finish Restoration

Pearl Restringing and Cleaning

Many jewellers have to send items away to workshops, that may or may not be part of their business, to have repair work done. Tempus has its own in-house workshops, its own craftsmen and technical staff. These are always on hand and means that Tempus staff can give you excellent advice
prior to and during your jewellery repair; progress can be checked at any time. Because repair is in-house Tempus gives you the most cost effective routes to repair.

At times an item may require a particular part replaced that can’t be made by our technicians. Tempus would source this but also advise customers clearly about this process if it is required.

All requests for repair can be considered and advised on. If you have any questions please come to our Exmouth shop to discuss your needs.

Repair of a worn clasp

This photo shows the repair of a worn clasp on a bracelet. We can repair many types of clasp, including Lobster and Carabina Claws.

Repairs to gold & silver jewellery

Here Tempus’ technician is carrying out a delicate repair to a gold bracelet. This process only applies heat at the point of the repair, and the broken part of the bracelet. The precious metal is fussed together and the repair completed.

Replacing a stone

This is part of the careful process of making new claws and setting a replacement diamond to a ring.

Gold soldering

This is a process used in the manufacture and repair of gold items.

Re-clawing and setting

This picture shows the re-clawing of jewellery with the setting of a precious stone.

Silver chain repair station

Tempus has a jewellery repair station in-house at its retail jewellery and gift store in Exmouth. Customers are welcome to discuss their repair with the technicians who are always available to give expert advice.

We are also able to resize rings in our workshop. We are able to measure the finger of the person whom the ring belongs to, and have the ring resized to a perfect fit.

Want to know more about our specialist repair services?