Watch Repairs, Battery Replacement and Servicing

Tempus is able to carry out a range of repair and replacement services on watches. Read below to find out more about our services, or click here to get in touch.

Full service of your watch or time piece

Tempus’ technician will dismantle your watch or time piece, clean then reassemble it. As required any glass or gadgets will be replaced and/or cleaned.

Battery replacement

We are able to replace watch batteries and re-waterproof within an hour. You’re then free to explore our large retail area, or Exmouth itself.

Repair and restoration

Tempus can repair all modern and vintage watches and time pieces to as near original as possible. We can call at your home, within 20 miles of Exmouth, to estimate a repair to a large item such as a grandfather clock or a large barometer where it would not be practical to bring it to our shop.

We have a glass production service close at hand in our own workshop. As a result we are able to produce replacement glass to any given requirement including those in shape, convex, bevel, and many more.

Servicing a Quartz watch

This image shows a new glass and gasket seal being fit to a Rotary watch by Tempus’ technician.

Want to know more about our specialist repair services?