Jewellery Cleaning & Restoration

Tempus is proud of its work and will always return items in their best possible condition. If you’d like to have your precious jewellery items expertly cleaned or restored by Tempus, please get in touch today.

Jewellery polishing

In this image a polishing machine is being used by Tempus’ technician to restore a silver bracelet after its repair.

Jewellery cleaning

In this photo Tempus’ technician is using an ultrasonic process to clean a watch case. After this, the watch will be re-assembled by the technician and returned to the customer.

White gold jewellery colour restoration

When your white gold Jewellery looks tired and tarnished we can restore it to its original colour and vibrance. This can be done within the hour in our workshop while you browse our retail shopping area.

As an example of cost, the colour restoration of a white gold ring would cost only £25.00.

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