Commemorative Jewellery

Commemorative jewellery can be designed by you, or designed by Tempus to your personal taste or belief. It can be made with compartments to contain sentimental items of the life to be held close, such as a lock of hair or a first tooth. It includes items such as lockets that contain a photograph or engraving of someone, or a pet, that is special.

Commemorative jewellery is a special way to keep a memory close.


Tempus has in-house engraving facilities which mean we can engrave a variety of items. This includes the inside of a ring, a locket, a tankard or a hip flask and many more – if you’d like to know if your item can be engraved, please get in touch for a no obligation chat.

Discuss with members of our staff which items in the retail shop can be engraved. You may own a piece of jewellery or other item that you would like to have engraved. Please bring this into our Exmouth shop to discuss with our staff.

Jewellery to celebrate a life

In the past memorial jewellery was made to celebrate the life of someone close to you who had passed on. Today Commemorative Jewellery has remained popular as a way to celebrate life. This can be the life of someone that is still alive as well as someone who has passed on. If you’d like a piece of jewellery that lets you hold someone close to you, such as a young child growing up, a child who has moved away as an adult or a special pet, commemorative jewellery can do this.

Tempus has been commissioned to make pendants and broaches with glass containers holding a small amount of a loved ones ashes. Commissions have also been taken for a number of pieces to celebrate the life of a family member, who has passed on, that can be given to all close relatives.

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