Pearl and Bead Re-Stringing

Have you broken your valued stand of pearls? If so feel free to bring them to Tempus where we can expertly re-string your pearls.

We have successfully re-strung pearl and beaded Jewellery and necklaces of all kinds. Restringing is a skill that brings adds beauty to all types of loose pearls and precious beads.

At Tempus we can string a range of pearls:

South Sea pearls

Cultured pearls

Freshwater pearls

Faux pearls

Simulated pearls

Beads of all kinds

Pearl restringing at Tempus

Pearl restringing is carried out here at Tempus in our on-site workshops. All pearl necklaces, particularly if worn regularly will wear through the silk they are threaded on. All Pearl and other beaded necklaces will need to be re-strung on occasion no matter how well you care for them.

As a guide pearls worn regularly should be re-strung once a year. Pearls worn occasionally should be restrung every 2 to 3 years.

Pearl jewellery restyling

At Tempus we can create a completely new necklace or bracelet for our customer using gemstones or pearls from stock or from an existing  necklace or family heir loom. We can simply restyle the piece to create the bespoke jewellery you would like. We may be able to create multiple necklaces or bracelets re-strung from a single outdated original necklace or bracelet.

You may simply require a replacement clasp for your necklace. We will be able to advise and help you to select the correct replacement required.

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