White Gold Reconditioning & Rhodium Plating

Tempus is able to carry out white gold reconditioning as well as rhodium plating in Exmouth at its in-house workshop. Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about our white gold/rhodium services. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please get in touch.

Why has my white gold ring started to look yellow in colour?

The majority of white gold jewellery requires rhodium plating to stay white or to get it back to its original condition. If your jewellery is not reconditioned in this way the metal will turn “yellowish” due to the rigours of general use over time.

White gold turns yellow because in its manufacture the yellow gold is mixed with nickel to make it “white”. Eventually the nickel element wears away on the surface of your jewellery and the yellow gold is left exposed or more prominent in colour.

How will you recondition the colour of my white gold jewellery?

First we will inspect, polish and clean your jewellery and let you know if any other works are required like re-clawing to maintain and tighten any stones or gems. repairing any dents or deep scratches etc. we will then Rhodium plate or dip your white gold jewellery. A final polish and the process is complete.

How much will it cost?

A straight forward polish clean and Rhodium plating will cost £25.00. If other repair and reconditioning works are required we will give you an estimate when you call in with the jewellery item.

Transforming Yellow Gold by Rhodium Plating

It is possible to change the look of a piece of yellow gold jewellery that may be looking tired or that could simply benefit from a new look. it may be an older tarnished piece that has become dated. it may have been a gift but you actually prefer the look of white gold.

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